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Weeds & Moss

Weed Control

Weeds are quick to colonise any space in your lawn and will quickly become a nuisance spoiling the appearance of any lawn. Heritage use a liquid selective weedkiller which kills the weeds without damaging the grass. Safe for wild life, pets and children you can walk on the lawn after a treatment when it has dried out, usually within 2 hours.

The efficient broad spectrum systemic herbicides we use are safe, very effective and control weeds easily. They are not available to the general public as they contain specific active ingredients not usually found in retail style products .

Common weeds such as daisies, buttercup, dandelions, plantains etc are usually controlled after one application. Certain weeds such as yarrow, field wood rush, speedwells clovers and celandine require more than one application. Repeated applications will control new weed plants from seeds carried by birds, the wind and laying those dormant in the soil. Weeds are approximately 70% water and will usually decompose completely 14 days after treatment. Herbicides are usually applied during periods of vigorous grass growth, such as the spring, summer & late autumn when weeds are also growing too.

Weed control forms part of our Seasonal Lawn Care Treatment plan. If you have weeds and want to control them contact us for advice or a free survey.


Moss is probably the worst problem facing most lawns. Mild damp autumns and wet winters are ideal conditions for moss to establish and if the grass growth is reduced and weak, will thrive and colonise large lawn areas if left untreated. Cutting the lawn too short will also weaken the grass as will insufficient watering in dry spells. Weeds are easy to control, moss is slightly more difficult and requires regular attention. Moss is not a weed. It does not put down roots but spreads across a damp surface. It is spread by air borne spores in the Spring and Autumn once established it will act like an impenetrable layer on the lawn if it is not removed it prevents the grass from growing and will become dominant.

Where there is a large amount of moss present it may take two treatments to ensure any residual spores are eradicated. Once treated it will be necessary to remove the dead moss by mechanical raking or scarification. In addition, renovation work may be required including scarifying, aeration, top dressing and overseeding to establish grass coverage in bare spots left by removing the dead moss.

Heritage use high doses of trace elements as part of your Seasonal Lawn Treatment plan which dehydrate the moss plants turning them brown. If you would like to improve the health of your lawn contact us today for a FREE no obligation lawn survey. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

Heritage also offer additional lawn care services. These include scarification, aeration, overseeding, top dressing, weed control, lawn pest control and grass disease control

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