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Top Dressing

Top dressing is a combination of sand and loam (or sand and organic dressing)and is usually applied following aeration of the lawn to improve both the drainage and the structure of your lawns top soil.

We apply a dressing by hand which is spread using a lute level or with the use of a drop spreader. Most golf courses and sports pitches generally use a 70/30 loam sand dressing as it provides good surface drainage. Depending on your soil type and situation we adjust the dressing for your lawn. Sometimes we will use a more organic based dressing to improve the structure of the soil and increase water retention. If your lawn suffers from poor drainage we may use a sand dressing to help open the soil structure to enable the water to drain through the soil. Top dressing helps to manage thatch levels in a lawn, protect and aid seed germination, and level out indentations in your lawn.

Usually a dressing is applied in combination with scarification, aeration and over seeding commonly referred to as cultural work.

Types of dressing

  • 50/50 Washed sand and loam, used to increase fertility
  • 70/30 Washed sand and loam, General purpose use
  • 80/20 Washed sand and loam, for fine & heavy clay soils
  • 70/30 Renovation 5mm washed sand & organic increase moisture retention and feed

Key benefits

  • Improve the surface and soil drainage
  • Manage and reduce thatch levels
  • Smooth surface levels
  • Fill indentations in your lawn
  • Increase water and nutrient retention
  • Level lawn mower cutting
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