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Lawn Mowing

Use Heritages mowing service to keep your lawn looking great all year round we can visit fortnightly. The service is pay as you go! which keeps you in control and means we don’t bill you if we don’t cut the grass. We don’t charge by the hour but a fixed price that takes as long as it takes to do a professional job with a smile on our face. Become a regular fortnightly customer and get  your  first lawn treatment FREE see our lawn treatments page. We have a growing portfolio of primarily second property and holiday property which we manage the lawns and hard surfaces for.

What's included?

You get a trained lawn care technician who understands lawns better than any gardener or man with a van. We use Commercial rotary mowers, brush cutters, edger and blower. To cut and edge the lawn and tidy up afterwards for a professional finish. We cant take the grass cuttings away but can neatly bag them or place them onto the compost heap or green waste bin for recycling. There is also comfort in knowing should a problem arise with your lawn our technicians can offer free advise and guide you towards the correct treatment for any problem which may arise.

Why don't you take cuttings away?

Because we manage lots of green spaces we have to carry lots of equipment and are unable to carry garden waste we simply do not have space to do so whilst carrying all our other equipment and treatment services. To keep our service professional we will neatly bag the clippings or can place them into a garden waste or compost bin.

Stripes and edges

To stripe a lawn you would use a roller rotary mower, as a company we don’t operate roller mowers. We use commercial rotary mowers which will offer a professional finish but will not roll the lawn. Our lawn edging service is only intended for existing edges between hard surface areas such as paths and patios to define the edge to a depth of a few centimeters but will strim all edges. We are happy to edge beds and boarders using edging sheers.

Why use Heritage?

Heritage are passionate about lawns we live and breath lawns. For us it really is a way of life. Every lawn we take on gets the same care regardless of size our job is to nurture that space and its a space we understand better than any other. We are a registered fully insured company that can take care of any green space commercial or domestic.

How often should the lawn be cut?

Most lawns are managed on a weekly or fortnightly basis meaning they are cut every two weeks. You may choose to have mulch cutting or removal of clippings from the lawn we can advise upon this and manage the mowing with a feed program according to specific needs of your lawn. Most cutting seasons run from March to December so ten months but increasingly run year round as we are experiencing warmer winters grass keeps growing! Being pay as you go means we can visit when ever you like.

Can you manage my lawn year round?

We can. Be it commercial or domestic we can cost a program based upon visiting fortnightly as pay as you go or billed monthly. This can range from 22 to 35 visits depending upon budget and or how well manicured you wish to keep your green space.

I have lots of leaves on my lawn?

If you have an excessive amount of leaves on your lawn it will require leaf clearance. A few leaves we can manage but if there are too many leaves leaf clearance would be an additional cost. We operate propelled leaf/lawn vacuums the service will be charged at a similar price to your grass cutting. But we need advance notice so we can bring the correct equipment and require good access as the machines are heavy and difficult to operate on steep slopes and man handling up steps.

Second Property / Holiday Home

I have a holiday home, multiple or second property. Can you manage the lawns for me. Yes of course we can Heritage as a company are all about keeping standards high, delivering service and developing trust between you and us. You can trust us to manage your properties lawns year round with care and attention.

My grass is really long?

If your grass is too long to be cut with a mower it will need brush cutting or topping. Which is an additional service.

I have really steep slopes?

Mowers cannot be used on very steep slopes depending upon the size these will have to be managed with a brush cutter so will not have such a manicured finish.

I have pets?

If you have pets its not a problem. All we ask is that any feces are removed prior to us visiting as well as any obstructions. And are not a health and safety hazard.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at £20 which is our minimum call out fee for a lawn up to 100m2 we then charge £5 for every additional 100m2. Prices are based upon the size of the area in meters squared. Become a regular customer meaning we visit fortnightly and get your first lawn treatment FREE so you can experience a better lawn with Heritage.

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