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Bio Degradable Hard Surface Treatments

Designed to treat and prevent mould, algae and moss on all external hard surfaces. We offer this service for driveways, patios, paths, tennis courts, concrete, fencing, wooden furniture, tarmac & block paving.

At Heritage we can offer two separate bespoke in house Hard surface treatments to remove weeds, moss, algae and lichen with a secondary option of cleaning the hard surface also. Both products will kill growths within typically 2-4 days, and if required there is the option to add a secondary detergent action to gently clean the treated exposed surfaces in the following weeks and months. 100% non abrasive and Bio degradable.

Is your driveway full of weeds?

Are you fed up looking at your weedy drive way, slippery path or unsightly patio? There is a cost effective solution that is Bio friendly and safe for the family and pets. We mix a total herbicide to control surface weeds and grasses if required. We can then apply our Heritage Moss Agent Pro™ used to control algae, moss, lichen and surface spores. This can be applied to any external surface even delicate surfaces such as plaster, rendering, mortar and glass with a residual 6 month active barrier.

If you require stone, brick and patio pavers to be cleaned. We have a second option we can apply Heritage Cleaning Agent Pro™ this will do the same as Heritage Moss Agent Pro™ but with the added benefit of cleaning the surface stone and brick work.

Algae, Mould and Moss Control Hard Surface Treatment

The treatment quickly kills algae mould and moss, showing visible results in a matter of days in some cases minutes and if applied the secondary detergent action will clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months. Experience tells us that at least 2 applications may be required to achieve the desired level of cleaning on some surfaces for the year. Once dry this treatment is completely safe for children and pets. Typically this protection will be for 6-9 months after first application and 8-12 months after subsequent applications.

What surfaces we currently treat?

Brickwork – Masonry – Asphalt – Paving – Driveways – Car Parks – Monuments – Headstones – Rendering – Concrete – Fibreglass – Paintwork – Tennis Courts – Pavements – Play Areas – Slate & Stone – Glass – Gravel – Plastic & Metal Surfaces – Tarmac – Fences – Outdoor Furniture

Weed Control Treatment

We apply broad spectrum Bio degradable systemic herbicides that are very effective commercial grade weed controls. Once dry this treatment is completely safe for children and pets. The products used are stronger than those available to the public and contain specific active ingredients that begins working within a few hours of application, and will usually be effective within 1 – 2 days of application depending on the weather.

The combination of this treatment with either our Heritage Moss Agent Pro™ or Heritage Cleaning Agent Pro™ produce fast and effective results. We are always happy to discuss available options to treat and maintain your hard surface areas.

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