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Lawn Aeration (All year round)

Hollow/Solid Tine Aeration

Lawn Aeration is the process of punching hundreds of small holes in your lawn and removing the soil cores. (hollow tine aeration). These processes help improve surface drainage, relieve compaction and encourage a strong healthy root zone. Soil, particularly heavy clay soil has a tendency to compact. The soil particles get pushed closer together by heavy rainfall or traffic on the surface making it difficult for moisture and gases essential for grass development to flow freely back and forth through the soil to the roots and surface. Leading to poor root development. Poorly developed roots – lead to weak grass which lowers drought and disease tolerance.

Compacted ground can have serious consequences for any lawn but can be helped by simply aerating the soil. Heritage can easily aerate your lawn to relieve compaction. We have professional aerating machines that move across the lawn surface punching metal cylindrical spikes into the ground making hundreds of small holes in the lawn. The cores sit on the surface layer of the lawn which can either be raked up and disposed of or left to break down naturally.

There are two types of tine used solid and hollow. Hollow tines enable the removal of soil cores. Which help manage troublesome thatch as well as aerating the ground. Solid tines do not remove cores and are used to spike the ground they tend to be used when hollow tines struggle to penetrate the surface or when you do not wish to shear the roots of the grass plants. Lawns should be regularly aerated to ensure that the grass roots are healthy and can develop.

Heavy soils will become compacted and need to be hollow tine aerated to reduce the effects of the compaction in the soil and can be top dressed with a 70% sand loam mix to improve soil ventilation. Over-seeding in conjunction with aeration is a great way to rejuvenate a tired lawn .

Why Aerate your lawn?

Hollow Tine Aeration mechanically removes cores of soil from the lawn to allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate deep into the root zone, creating an ideal seed bed for over-seeding. The aeration process also allows new deeper root development and increases the density of the lawn.Thicker root growth leads to a more resilient greener lawn.

What happens to the removed cores?

We will rake up and neatly bag the cores left behind on your lawn which can be added to your compost heap or recycled. If we are scarifying your lawn at the same time the process of scarification will naturally break down the plugs which allows nutrients from the cores to be dispersed evenly over the lawn. Removing the cores will tidy the lawn but there are reasons to recommend leaving the cores rather than removing them. Each core contains beneficial microbes, clay and minerals, and increased microbial activity equals healthy soil and a healthier lawn. The plugs will eventually break down back into the lawn as a top dressing in time if left, but it is a personal choice.

When to Aerate?

The ground should be moist when hollow tining for best results. The best times to tine are Spring and Autumn/Winter it can be carried out through the summer if the ground is not baked hard. If the ground becomes to hard spiking will be the best option. For very small lawns a simple garden fork can be used to aerate or spike, but this can be tiring and time consuming. A good quality professional mechanical areator becomes necessary on a slightly larger lawn and will achieve more effective results. Lawn aeration can be done at any time of the year and is very cost effective. Call us today if you would like us to assess the compaction in your lawn.

Scarification and overseeding are often carried out at the same time as aeration if the lawn is in very poor condition. We offer scarification and aeration at a reduced rate when carried out together.

We also offer additional lawn care services which your lawn may benefit from. These include seasonal lawn treatments, pest control, disease control, lawn renovation and driveway weed control.

The benefits

  • Reduces the compaction of the soil
  • Encourages healthy root growth
  • Increases root depth
  • Improves drainage
  • Helps lawns become more drought resistant
  • Allows water, air and nutrients to have direct access to the root system
  • Makes it easier to over-seed your lawn
  • Improves gas exchanges between the soil and atmosphere
  • Reduces water runoff
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