• Herbicides & Fertilizers

    Herbicides & Fertilizers

    I am constantly asked what fertilizers and herbicides we use it seems many think its simple. But the answer is always the same we use lots of different types selecting the correct granular or liquid product that has the correct active ingredient in the correct form to correct the problem in question applied at the

  • Healthy Soil – Fertilizer salt

    Healthy Soil – Fertilizer salt

    I thought i would briefly look at fertilizer applications with high salt indices and the affect on microbiology and why i try to reduce salt indices. Its a subject of choice many lawn companies may not pay any mind to but may help you better understand why we do what we do. Salts are soluble compounds

  • Microbes In Your Lawn
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    Microbes In Your Lawn

    I spent some time with a very skilled microbiologist who tought me to use a microscope primarily to analyse and brew compost teas teeming with micro organisms to apply to lawns. I came away with a better understanding than i had and made some major changes to my ways of working. So i thought id share

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