Mowers and Lawn Mowing

Mowers and Lawn Mowing

Mowing a lawn can be a chore or a very satisfying task. It helps if you have a good mower for which there are many types. You can get Rotary, Self Propelled, Roller, Mulch Mowers, Ride On, Hydro-static, Cylinder, Hover, the list goes on. So it’s important to do your research and buy a mower that suits your needs but importantly makes mowing a pleasure and delivers a nice finish.

A lawn requires cutting every seven to ten days to be kept correctly! However most of us manage our lawns on a fortnightly basis. No that’s not necessary I hear you say. We all have a friend or neighbor who we feel is obsessed with their lawn and laugh but its important to understand why they cut the grass so often.

When we mow a lawn we should never remove more than one third in one cut a similar principle applies when pruning most plants which is usually a quarter and exists for a reason. Any pruning or cutting work you do is a shock to the plant. So little and often is best when managing lawns.

Regular mowing keeps airflow regulated over the surface of the lawn and allows morning due to evaporate more quickly. When lawns stay damp particularly if they have a lot of thatch it activates fungal diseases. The process of mowing is stimulating the plants to grow. When a plant feels under attack it either tries to reproduce, regenerate or will put energy into root development. So the more regularly you mow the more regenerative growth you will have above and below the ground.

As with all plants first growth is soft and as the tissues mature the plant strengthens so its important to ensure the plants have a balanced feed in combination with any mowing work.


Lawn edging is traditionally done with a sharpened spade or half moon and edging sheers. It is certainly a labor of love and takes time to do correctly. There are now petrol powered edgers to make the task easier to get that crisp finish around boarders paths and patios.

Heritages Mowing service includes edging as part of its grass cutting service FREE of charge.


Trees fence lines walls and plant beds all require strimming at some point. Its important to strim the lawn edges for a neat appearance before you mow. This enables you to collect or brush the debris onto the lawn to be collected when mowing.

Heritages Mowing service includes strimming as part of its grass cutting service FREE of charge.

Mulch Mowing

Many of us mulch mow and many of us do not. Its important to mulch mow but before you do its best to understand a bit more about your site and soil. You have to manage your mulch cutting to the biodiversity or your soil. If there is insufficient bacteria to break down the mulch clippings you will end up having to scarify your lawn. So its best to alternate mulch mowing cuts by removing clippings periodically and monitoring your thatch level or feeding your soil with bio feeds. If you are struggling to manage weeds in your lawn then you should stop mulch mowing as mulching spreads the seed heads of the weed plants increasing the weed plant population.

Watering your lawn

So the big question should I water my lawn after cutting? watering is only required when there is an increase in temperature or we have long periods without rainfall. If you have fed your lawn are on sandy soil or can visibly see your lawn is struggling we would suggest watering. If your lawns struggling to retain water think about a compost top dressing.

If your thinking about using a grass cutting service why not try Heritage our FREE lawn survey will help you. Did you know it actually costs us £25 to conduct a survey per customer.


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