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Quality is key to what we do simply put “we care because you do”. Designed to provide the correct range of nutrients through each season of the year we mix sustainable organics with professional fertilizer. We are passionate and committed to sustainability for the future. The treatments we apply will change with your lawn like any living thing as we mix elements and fertilizers together the only way it can be done. We don’t pretend to save you money with monthly plans or bronze, silver and gold packages. We simply work with nature and keep cost effective by using our in house brand of feeds. They are very high quality, professional slow controlled release feeds that act gradually, steadily nourishing your lawn with the correct range of nutrients through the season. Applied as granular and liquid applications. There are no gimmicks each treatment simply feeds your lawn as well as the bio diversity life in your soil to organically keep things as nature intended.

We manage any problems which may be present this includes weeds and moss. Pests and diseases will be treated as separate treatments. During a full calendar year we will complete 4 treatments in 4 separate visits to your lawn each costing the same price. You may cancel at any time if you no longer wish to use the service as we offer a pay as you go 4 treatment only rolling agreement.

Honesty and professionalism are key values to us we care about the heritage of your space. You do not have to be at home as long as we have access we can treat the lawn leave a calling card so you know we have been and will email you a digital invoice which can be paid online. Simply and securely.

Professional Compound & Sustainable Organic Fertilizers


Amino acids

Beneficial Bacteria Boosters

Sustainable Organic Biostimulants

Organic macro and micro nutrients

Heritage lawn treatments cost less than doing it yourself and start from as little as £16.

Late Winter / Early Spring

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Packed with nutrients and bio feed to sustain healthy root growth after the Winter.
  • Essential liquid herbicide for early weed control.
  • Promotes development of a healthy green lawn.

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This can be the most important time of the year. There is plenty of moisture about and the ground is starting to warm. These conditions are ideal for the grass to grow, and your lawn requires the right amount and mix of nutrients to take full advantage.

We also apply an efficient liquid systemic broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control common weeds such as dandelions, butter cups, daisies, plantains and start to control clover and other more stubborn weeds.

Early Summer

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Long lasting slow release feed with bio stimulants gives 10-12 week longevity.
  • Broad spectrum herbicide targets more difficult weeds.
  • Gentle growth sustains healthy thick green summer lawn.

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An application of long lasting slow controlled release no scorch fertiliser will encourage the grass to grow thick and healthily. The balance of the nutrients in this feed is changed to increase the amount of phosphorous, potassium, and bio stimulants, and decrease the levels of nitrogen content as the demands of the grass plant change.

Our treatments ensure that there are sufficient nutrients to nourish the grass for up to 10–12 weeks. The fertilisers do not have to be watered in. However, if the lawn is dry, watering in will produce quicker results.

We also apply a broad spectrum systemic liquid herbicide which is used to control the more difficult weeds such as speedwell, trefoils and clover.

Late Summer / Early Autumn

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Moss Management
  • Balanced nutrient feed with low nitrogen to strengthen & promote healthy root development, prevent surge growth.
  • Effective early moss management plus a herbicide weed control.
  • Maintain colour and promote a dense green lawn.

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Autumn can be a vulnerable time for grass. A combination of warm weather and damp conditions create an ideal opportunity for lawn diseases to attack the grass.

When we treat your lawn we always check for diseases. Moss is the biggest problem faced by the majority of lawns particularly those lawns on clay soils, which are common in parts of Dorset. Late summer and early autumn is the key time to start managing moss.

We apply a broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control any new weed growth, plus a low nitrogen high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser of balanced nutrients for root development, combined with an application that is not a bespoke moss killer but will dehydrate the moss plant turning it brown.

Autumn / Winter

  • Lawn Feed
  • Moss Management
  • Nourishing liquid trace element feed to toughen & strengthen grass over the winter months.
  • An essential heavy moss management (not a bespoke moss killer).
  • Helps fight winter fungal diseases and reduces moss spore development.

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We apply a feed containing essential trace elements to toughen and strengthen the grass over the winter months. Moss is the biggest problem facing your lawn, it is vital that it is not allowed to develop and spread so we apply a heavy dose of a single element to dehydrate the moss plants.

Heavy moss will be dehydrated turning brown but the dead moss plant does not decompose easily, so your lawn may require scarifying to remove the dead moss and thatch from the lawn. This will create space to allow grass growth to regenerate. If your lawn is scarified, the moss removed may leave patches in your lawn, so overseeding with grass seed may also be required.

We also check for any insect damage or traces of lawn disease.


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