At Heritage we do things slightly different; we believe in sustainability for the environment and your lawn, in association with leading industry professionals, we have developed our own unique brand of perfectly balanced bio friendly fertilizers that make up our treatments.

Bio friendly

Produce greener, bio friendly healthier lawns

Same fixed cost

Each treatment is the same price, no hidden costs, starting from £15

Control weeds

Control weeds and moss – in your lawn


We incorporate organic sustainable sources into our fertilizers which are Bio friendly

Our 4 treatment seasonal plan

Working with nature, our year round programme of 4 visits, spring, summer, autumn and winter will provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to keep your grass in good health. Our treatments also manage moss and weed control protection as standard.

During a calendar year we will complete 4 treatments, a total of 4 separate visits, each treatment costs the same price. Treatments for the smallest lawn start from £15. We offer a pay as you go service but would strongly encourage customers to support a programme to see the ongoing benefits and sustainability of lawn care treatment over a full calendar year.

Early Spring

(March – April)

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Packed with nutrients and bio feed to sustain healthy root growth after the Winter.
  • Essential liquid herbicide for early weed control.
  • Promotes development of a healthy green lawn.

Early Summer

(May – june)

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Long lasting slow release feed with bio stimulants gives 10-12 week longevity.
  • Broad spectrum herbicide targets more difficult weeds.
  • Gentle growth sustains healthy thick green summer lawn.


(September – December)

  • Lawn Feed
  • Weed Control
  • Moss Management
  • Balanced nutrient feed with low nitrogen to strengthen & promote healthy root development, prevent surge growth.
  • Effective early moss management plus a herbicide weed control.
  • Maintain colour and promote a dense green lawn.


(January – December)

  • Lawn Feed
  • Moss Management
  • Nourishing liquid trace element feed to toughen & strengthen grass over the winter months.
  • An essential heavy moss management (not a bespoke moss killer).
  • Helps fight winter fungal diseases and reduces moss spore development.

What type of treatment does my lawn need?

Upon surveying your lawn we will advise the correct bio treatment plan to ensure your lawn has the appropriate nutrients throughout the year. We offer 4 treatments with no hidden fees, our treatments are designed to minimise the need for lawn maintenance, such as scarifying, aeration, spiking, top dressing and seeding, although we still offer these services if required.

Why do we do it this way?

Heritage believe in providing a bespoke high quality, environmentally friendly lawn care service that has a simple, affordable pricing structure. For these reasons we’ve stripped back costs and invested our time, energy and experience in creating custom built solutions – giving the saving back to you, our customers.

Mixing sustainable organics with professional fertilizer allows us to custom blend applications specific to your lawns requirements. The slow controlled release feeds act gradually, steadily nourishing your lawn. Our nutrient packed programme of granular and liquid applications work with nature by complementing and enhancing the biodiversity in your soil.

A small selection of the various granular feeds we have available

My lawn is too bad!

We have yet to come across a lawn we cannot bring back to life. Heritage have the experience, knowledge and equipment to ensure we get the best out of your lawn and we are receiving a growing number of recommendations and referrals from customers who appreciate our honest advice, service and customer care. Our lawn renovations show case some our recent work.

Many of our products we use are not available to the general public, or most general gardeners, and you have the guarantee of qualified service from an experienced professional.

What our customers say

Having recently moved to Shepton Beauchamp we inherited a lawn that was over 50% moss and weeds. Mike from Heritage Lawns did an excellent job of both planning, advising and restoring the lawn back to a great condition. Highly Recommended
gary woodhall
gary woodhall
14:11 28 Jun 18
We have had our lawns treated for several years by a nationally well known brand. After treatment the grass would look better for a short while and then it would settle back to appear as it was before. Eventually a lot of thatch, or dead grass, built up at the base of the lawns which it has been suggested was caused by the treatment causing too sudden growth.We invited Heritage Lawn to survey the lawns and to provide a quotation. With their impressive diagnosis and a similar price to our existing service we decided to accept their proposal. The very first treatment showed a marked and more lasting improvement in the look of the lawns and after two years they are pleasure to look at every day. In particular the grass looks healthier, thatch is no longer a problem, and patches of coarse grass are much less noticeable.Our gardener is sufficiently impressed that he is recommending Heritage Lawn to his other clients and we are very happy to write this review to bring the service increased attention.
Lee Myers
Lee Myers
12:46 23 Feb 18
A solid day's work and the lawn was visibly improved almost immediately.
Nigel Stephenson
Nigel Stephenson
12:32 17 Oct 17
We bought our house as part of a redevelopment, the developers laid new turf in the garden. The turf looked great for the first few months, then it grew weeds, and despite watering went patchy, and looked terrible. Following a recommendation of a friend who have used various lawn care companies we contacted Heritage.Michael was prompt and full of knowledge! After a heavy scarification, over seeding and a few treatments we now have lawn better than we could ever imagined! We also have Heritage cut and maintain our lawn, the treatments are cheaper than us doing it, and the results mean we have a beautiful lawn year round! Very happy, and highly recommend Heritage Lawn Care!
Marianne Elliott
Marianne Elliott
12:27 12 Jul 17
We used to have a lawn full of weeds, moss and bare patches which have now been transformed thanks to Heritage in only a few months. After renovation and a few lawn treatments we are amazed at the difference, and very pleased with the results. Our lawn looks like new and we receive some very complimentary comments from friends and neighbours which is nice. Michael is professional, courteous, really passionate about lawns and provides an excellent service and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Chris Green
Chris Green
10:58 11 Apr 17
Michael starting treating our grass for the first time last year as we could never get the results we wanted by feeding it ourselves. This year in the spring was Michael's fifth visit and we are delighted with the results. There have been 4 treatments during the year before the last one and it has made all the difference.We no longer suffer from moss build-up or the bare and yellow patches. Even my brother-in-law commented about the condition of our lawn this week. We don't have a bowling green, nor would I want one, but we have something more approaching a lawn (rather than grass) this year than in the previous 10. You will find Michael very polite and he keeps you informed about the treatment he uses to bring out the best in your garden.I have no hesitation in recommending Heritage Lawn Care to you.
David Harper
David Harper
18:56 07 Apr 17
We used Heritage Lawns to renovate our tired, weedy and patchy lawn. Michael's depth and breadth of knowledge was very impressive and he's created a bespoke treatment that even accounts for areas of sun & shade - for a lot less than we expected. The results have been astonishing - far better than we could have believed, the colour and consistency of the lawn makes our house look like a show-house!
Mark Atwell
Mark Atwell
17:12 05 Apr 17
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