Lawn Advice

  • Mowing tips

    The healthiest lawns have grass which remains at a constant height throughout the growing season and here are 3 top tips to keep your lawn in great condition.

    1/ Never cut more than one third off in any one mowing.
    2/ Mow frequently. Every 7 – 10 days through the growing season.
    3/ Check your mower regularly for blade sharpness.

    You may have to mow more often than you would like through the growing season, at least every 7 – 10 days depending on the weather but don’t leave it longer than 2 weeks. Removing a little and often and never more than one third in each cut is the golden rule and If the tips of the grass are browning, it is a sign that your mower blades require sharpening. Cutting at the correct height encourages healthier roots, and it will also help to conserve moisture during the dry summer periods. A denser lawn will also act as a natural weed control preventing weed seeds from making contact with the soil. If your lawn is uneven mowing will create ‘scalped’ areas of the lawn. In some places you will need to raise the mowing height to discourage moss or weeds developing in the the bare patches.

  • Watering tips

    The best time to water is in the early morning or before the heat of the day so that the lawn has a chance to dry before nightfall. The best method is to mark a jam jar with a black marker 1 inch or the required amount and place it on your lawn. Turn on the sprinkler and when it reaches the mark move the sprinkler and empty the jar. This is a cost effective way to evenly water your lawn.

    If possible its best to saturate your lawn once or twice a week rather than little and often. If conditions become too dry and the lawn goes brown and becomes dormant most lawns will recover with adequate watering. If the lawn is watered lightly what tends to happen is the roots grow upwards to get the moisture and become weak so its important enough water reaches down through the soil to pull the roots deeper. The best looking lawns are generally the well watered lawns.

    If water is struggling to penetrate the surface aeration can open the top surface as well as applying a wetting agent.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why not buy products from garden centres?

    There is a significant difference in the products we use and supply primarily based around quality. Our in house brands are exceptional to the proprietary products available from garden centers or online sales websites. The professional seasonal feeds Heritage make and apply will feed your lawn up to 3 times longer (10-12 weeks) than the average off the shelf fertilizer and contain a lot more. Using top quality sustainable materials designed with soil biology in mind. Our herbicides are not organic but will control a broader range of weeds for longer.  We also apply the products ourselves using professional equipment, and are prepared to call around to re apply if you are not happy with the results. There is always the satisfaction you will no longer have half full bottles of concentrated lawn weed killer or fertilizer sitting around the home especially if you have children or pets.

  • Are your products safe for my children or pets?

    Yes they are though its best if children and pets can be kept away while we are treating the lawn. We do ask that you keep off the lawn after we have sprayed treatments onto the lawn for one hour so that the treatment has a chance to dry and be absorbed, and also to prevent the application being walked to non target areas.

  • I already have a gardener, do I need you too?

    We do not seek to replace your gardener but do offer significantly higher skill sets that your garden will not have. We simply want to complement the work done by your gardener who cannot provide the products and equipment that Heritage use it takes years to become a proficient lawn technician (Groundsman). We try to work with your gardener to improve the health and appearance of your lawn which may include mowing if required. Many of our products are not available to the general public or your gardener. There is plenty of other work in the garden for the gardener to concentrate on.

  • I don’t think my lawn can be saved, should I still try the service?

    The majority of homeowners have the same thoughts but our services can rescue even some of the most neglected lawns. We regularly repair damage caused by existing garden and lawn care operators. A lawn you think may be beyond saving can be transformed with care, and show a dramatic improvement in condition and appearance. It pays to use a professional.

  • Do I need to be in when Heritage do the treatments?

    As long as we have access you do not have to be at home when we call to treat the lawn all you have to do is agree to the works that are being carried out verbally or by email.

  • When will I notice the difference?

    Depending on the weather, you will start to notice a considerable improvement in your lawn within a few weeks.

  • Do I have to water the lawn following the treatment?

    No you don’t. If your lawn is dry you should consider watering your lawn, preferably early evening. If we are using granular feeds they release when watered.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. We are confident in our service and results we produce, and feel that our customers should not be obligated to sign a contract you can stop using the service at any time. We want to develop a level of trust between you and us. Our normal service is offered on a rolling 4 treatment per year ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ basis and we will be happy to treat your lawn for as long as you want us to. Once your next treatment is due we will carry out the treatment. We will leave a calling card with any recommendations so you know we have been and a secure online digital invoice with payment facility will be emailed to you. If there are are any problems with the lawn we will be in contact with you and let you know.

  • Why should I choose you?

    We are passionate about green spaces like no other and are committed to sustainability for the future and good soil biology practices. We have a wealth of industry experience that goes far beyond lawns. Some companies use the same feed all year round, year in year out irrespective of the weather using high nitrogen. This will green up your lawn and give the impression it is healthy but in reality is a form of plant abuse that can do an awful lot of damage as is mowing incorrectly. Too much nitrogen will create thick top growth, neglect the roots, and create long term problems.

    Your lawn needs specific nutrients at certain times of the year we really do go above and beyond to ensure we do things at the right time which is an ever increasing challenge. We change our feeds accordingly to your lawn and constantly look for ways to improve our service and products networking with the best minds in the industry. We have developed our own feeds unique to heritage as we could not find an alternative solution so can guarantee you that you cannot get a similar program anywhere else currently. If we cannot correct your problems with our own range of feeds we may source an off the shelf product but will let you know. We assess your lawn and select what we feel is best according to the requirements of your lawn, the time of year, the soil type and your local weather conditions. We do not conduct lab based soil analysis for each lawn but can do so on request at additional cost. We offer value for money, each treatment will last 10 -12 weeks, and our tailored lawn care program will ensure your lawn is looked after all year round above and below ground.

  • How do I pay for the treatment / what are your payment terms?

    Payment is never in advance. You will always receive a paper or digital quote prior to work commencing. Invoicing commences only after work is completed on your lawn. There are no contracts to sign, you pay as you go. Your invoice will be sent to you digitally via email which you can pay online, by BACS or cheque using the information provided in your invoice.

    1/ Online credit and debit card payment’.
    2/ Online payment by BACS. Please insert your name and customer reference number.
    3/ By cheque payable to Heritage Lawn & Weedcare Ltd.

    Terms: Settlement is required in 7 days of invoice issue after this period interest may arise on any outstanding payments unless we have agreed alternative payment terms. Please read our terms and conditions.

  • Why do you provide a free, no obligation survey?

    We are in the business of treating lawns and forming relationships with our customers it actually costs us £25 to conduct a survey it would be impossible to treat a lawn without it and enables a technician to measure, analyse and quote a space. Each lawn is different in what it requires. It costs in time, fuel, labor and material. We do not try to coerce you into having a treatment. However when you find out how reasonable the service is in comparison to our staff, equipment, products and experience we are second to none. The benefits heritage bring speak for themselves.

  • Is your service really cheaper than DIY?

    Consider how much it costs you to travel to and from the garden centre and apply a product built for the domestic market on a one size fits all basis meaning it will not be suitable for every lawn. We are able to supply and apply high quality professional long lasting fertilizers and herbicides at a price that includes all equipment and materials used, the cost of getting to you and the costs of our employees. To buy the products we apply would cost more on a DIY basis. We are able to guarantee you no more backaches, failed attempts or half empty containers. We are fully insured and qualified so can save making costly mistakes laying a new lawn is expensive so let us take the hassle out of it for you.

  • How much does treatment cost?

    Our treatments start from as little as £15, and pricing is based upon the area to be treated. We compare similarly with national operators but may cost slightly more in some services and less in others as we work differently and put more things into our treatments. If your getting a cheaper price then they are using cheaper materials.

    We really do care about each lawn we take on which takes time and effort to source the best products available. For larger gardens as the size increases, economies of scale enable us to provide lower costs per square meter. But include so much more as we work with nature and subsequently costs more to be kind.

    £15 is our minimum charge.

    £35 for a 200m2 lawn which is an average sized lawn.

    Machine work such as scarifying will depend upon the site and the type of scarifying required. But as a general rule is 2 to 3 times the lawn treatment price depending upon the type of scarification your lawn requires. Aeration is also 2 to 3 times the treatment price depending upon site access and location and the type of aeration. If we risk damaging our machines we have to adjust our prices accordingly which is specific to each site. This is why we conduct a survey.

  • When is the best time to start the service?

    Our lawn care treatment service works on the basis of applying essential treatments at specific times of the year, so there is never a bad time to start treating and improving your lawn.

  • Are Heritage licensed to treat lawns?

    We are National Proficiency Training Council (NPTC) licensed to apply lawn weed control products, fertilizers and pesticides.

    We continue to invest in keeping up to speed on best practice and ways of working. As well as studying multiple disciplines to increase our Grounds care, Horticultural skill set and overall knowledge base.

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