• Feeding a lawn

    Feeding a lawn

    A lawn treatment or a lawn feed helps to keep your grass in great condition through each seasonal period of the year. It feeds the roots and the leaves ensuring the plant has the nutrition required for optimum growth. There are two types of feed for lawns. Liquid feeds which are sprayed onto a lawn

  • Winter Disease

    Winter Disease

    Autumn and winter are prime times for fungal problems in lawns. If you have had a fungal problem in the past even one that’s been treated with a fungicide chances are at some point that fungal problem will rear its head again unless you remove the conditions that promote the infection. This is why its

  • Mowers and Lawn Mowing

    Mowers and Lawn Mowing

    Mowing a lawn can be a chore or a very satisfying task. It helps if you have a good mower for which there are many types. You can get Rotary, Self Propelled, Roller, Mulch Mowers, Ride On, Hydro-static, Cylinder, Hover, the list goes on. So it’s important to do your research and buy a mower

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