“My goal is simple: build an honest open business that is sustainable. Keep customers happy, standards high and costs affordable without sacrificing quality.”

About Us

Heritage Lawn & Weed Care is a privately owned independent company based on the Jurassic coastline of West Dorset, dedicated to providing high quality, affordable lawn care treatment services within a 20 mile radius of Bridport, Dorset.

Hi im Mike owner and Director of Heritage. I have built Heritage from the ground up and am passionate about delivering high quality cost effective lawn care and hard treatment services to you. I’m happiest out and about helping you solve your lawn problems or treating your patio or driveway, and keeping your property and garden looking it’s best.

I understand that you don’t want a bowling green, just a very nice lawn that does as little harm to the environment as possible. I have invested considerable time and resource in developing an exceptional sustainable bio friendly four treatment lawn program using our own unique range of organic and professional fertilizers developed specifically for Heritage. Our products are designed to enhance the bio diversity and microbial life in your soil, and keep things in harmony as nature intended.

I have also made sure our hard surface treatments are bio degradable and as safe as they can be for your family and pets whilst delivering a satisfactory result.

Each lawn is unique which is why each treatment is altered to the needs of the individual lawn. Mindful of the biology of your green space we will always recommend only what is appropriate. Our seasonal treatment program will keep your lawns green and lush, and keep control of problem weeds and moss. The application of custom liquid and granular fertilizers at the correct time, will ensure your lawn receives the essential nutrients to keep your lawn healthy and looking its absolute best – each season of the year.

NPTC LOGOWe are National Tests Proficiency Council (NPTC) qualified, permitted to apply professional treatments to your lawn.

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